Saturday, July 24, 2010

What happens when we Die?

So after chatting with my yogi psychic friend over dinner last night, I asked her what her thoughts were on death and dying, she brought so much clarity! So I wanted to share this with you :)

So, as I'm sipping my margarita she starts to explain to me that the soul leaves toward the light or bliss, the energy or essence of the person is what stays behind. On a rare occasion, the soul will stay behind if the soul feels that it's job here on earth isn't done. What I find interesting is that it's not very common...

Which brings me to believe that In some occasions I may be channeling ghost and on other occasions I may be channeling thought forms that have life like body, made up of our energy which according to Powell these are called Elemental's, Elemental's become empowered by us, we feed them through our thoughts...Some also believe that an elemental is a mythological beings who are used in ritual or ceremony. These Elementals come in a variety of names depending on it's origin and purpose.

In my experiences with the spiritual realm of the unseen, I feel that what we have here on earth presently visible is also present in the invisible in an energetic form. Vise Versa..

On death and dying.. I believe that the soul goes through a process of it's own events before it reaches the light or bliss...

In a Life after Death Workshop that I took, I had to speak with or channel a soul/person who had past away. Being that I didn't know anyone who had passed away more then 5 years ago I opt for a close friends' grandmother, a soul who was still here with us, and was always felt throughout my friends' childhood home. I always felt a warm and comfortable feeling when she was around... Although, I was a still bit nervous to channel or connect with someone who had past away, I knew I was safe with my Guru, Amelia, guiding me :) What I found interesting was that my friends' grandmothers'soul was still here with us, she was with her deceased husband and very content with him on the other side. She loved visiting the family and was always around specially when the family cat,Purr-silla, was sick and dying. Another thing I found interesting was that she believed in Jesus, but didn't realize that she had easier access to him since she's in energetic form.. Also, she did not know that she would reincarnate because she didn't have that kno
wledge or belief from before...If she only knew that she her soul is a vehicle that could travel throughout the planets, star systems, or the galaxies, I wonder if she would still limit her life to just Earth...

Cindy Castro!/chakrareadings