Friday, August 2, 2013

Private Yoga

1st  Yoga Consultation can touch a broad range of topics including personal practice, concerns regarding diet, sleep, fertility, contentedness, etc. Treatment modalities may include specific yoga postures for healing, Pranayama (breathing exercise) to calm the nervous system, and guided meditations to establish harmony throughout the mind and body. At times, I may suggest other healing modalities to further assist you.

Intro to Yoga is a series of four 60 minute sessions covering the basics: Simple Breathing Exercises, Standing Poses, Forward Bending, Back Bending, Twists, and some Inversions. Specially designed for new students who want to build a strong technical foundation and gain confidence before heading to a yoga studio. 

 Private Yoga sessions are tailored to individual needs. Here you can have the luxury of a class designed especially for yourself, for you and a partner, or friend, or group of friends/colleagues. Private classes for two (or more) are a popular way to share the benefits and costs of individual guidance. 

 Chakra Yoga is a series of classes designed to align the chakras which creates a positive effect on your well being. 

24 Cancellation Policy for all Private Yoga lessons. Full refund if cancellation received with 24 hours, partial payment required thereafter.

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