Monday, November 4, 2013

Heart Chakra - Love Energy

The heart chakra is the part of the energy body associated with the human emotional center and particularly the emotion of love and relationships. The heart is seen the gateway to the soul and the seat of emotions. Capable of producing deep love, joy and inner peace, it can also be the source of great pain and emotional suffering.
Feeling loved and loving others is vitally important to maintaining a happy mental, spiritual and physical existence; we all need love, for life without love is an empty existence. That includes self-love. However, too many people are living lives of lonely, painful despair. The cause of loneliness and heartbreak can be traced back to a blocked heart chakra.
The energy of the heart chakra is depicted as a deep emerald green color that ties us to all living things. Green is associated with new life and natural surroundings – it is tranquil, yet energized, soothing yet vibrant. The energy produced by the heart chakra allows us to have meaningful relationships and to feel empathy, compassion, passion, forgiveness and caring for others.
The Sanskrit word for the heart chakra is Anahata, meaning an “unstruck sound”. This  metaphor refers to the potential of the heart to produce a beautiful music or resonance when we find the person or people, or even ourselves, that can ‘strike’ it. However, the "Anahata" is also all about choice. The heart chakra must be ‘struck’ through your own choice, the choice to share your love with others instead of guarding it or refusing to let it openly flow- as people often do if they have been hurt.