Monday, March 17, 2014

The Crown or 7th Chakra

This Chakra is about self-awareness on the highest level creating a state of "bliss" Feeling at peace and joyous of life in the moment. 
Color: Violet
Action: 'I Know'
Issue: Understanding
Goal: Wisdom
Sense: Think

HEALTHY ENERGY: When the crown Chakra is clear, it enables one to see the truth concerning ideals, materialistic pursuits, self-limiting concepts, pride and vanity; it further allows one to experience self-awareness & conscious detachment from personal emotions.
Crown Chakra means the rest of the other Chakras blockages are dissolved, for you are truly open and connected with yourself and ; the divine. You are a vessel through which the universe energy can flow without any interruption's of your pride or ego and are at all this is.

Blocked Energy: When Your Crown Chakra is blocked you feel a sense of not belonging, indecisive and feelings of fatigue. Addictions are mostly common and there is no lust for life in general.