Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chakra Healing Sessions with Master Healer in Miami Beach

Cindy assesses the health of a person by tracking the alignment of their chakras- Mind, Body and Spirit. The balance that is essential for internal health (relationship to self) but also to external health (relationship to others and the world around us). Rather than trying to cure a symptom, which is the tradition of western allopathic medicine, Cindy looks at the whole energetic system and tracks the symptom to its source. Cindy believes that all illnesses have an origin based in some trauma that the person has experienced. The trauma energetically imprints that person and if left unhealed or unattended it may develop into a chronic emotional, mental or physical condition. Therefore, she heals the spiritual/energetic origins of the imbalanced chakras so the imprint of trauma no longer affects the well being of the person and we can return to a state of Sacred Balance.

Please keep in mind that every healing session is client specific, using healing modalities that best suit the client.

A typical healing session is up to an hour depending on the person's situation. A distant healing session may longer. Once Cindy has learned about the clients' history and struggles through a chakra reading, she then identifies and discusses with client what issues are in need of healing. Each healing is unique and will reflect on each client’s individual needs. Overall the session should be pleasant, relaxing, invigorating and inspiring.

Cindy will share the healing information she received specifically for you, if you would like to record the information you may need a journal to write in as she discusses her insights and knowledge of your healing session.

After the healing, Cindy may discuss with you any practices, techniques, “homework” or lifestyle changes that may be necessary to support your healing process and help you anchor and integrate the changes made in your energy field.

All work is private and strictly confidential.