Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Want to Host a Psychic Party? Here are some Tips

The Best Way to Host a Party w/ a Psychic

So, you’ve decided a theme for your upcoming event and decided to go with a psychic party? All of the guests are excited but you have no clue how you will keep them entertained during the event. Don’t worry because I got your back and I’ll help you plan a party that will leave your guests talking about it for years!

Decide on the Activities
You have unique theme, so now you have to make sure that you're guests are entertained with other activities as they wait to speak with a psychic. Some fun activities can be chair massages, partner yoga, reiki healing, guided meditation, crystal therapy, or having an inspirational speaker could be an interesting way to make your event unique and fulfilling for everyone involved.

Guidelines for a Successful Party
  • Designate a quiet space away from the guests so the person getting the reading can receive personal, confidential messages from the spiritual and angelic realm in private.
  • Advise your guests that readings are individual and about 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Suggest they prepare a few questions of their own to ask during the reading. It will make the session enjoyable and entertaining for them.

Finding Someone Reputable
With so many people claiming to have psychic abilities, choosing the right psychic for your party could be hard.  We’ve all heard the crazy stories of people getting conned by disreputable individuals who pretend to be psychic. How will you know if the person you book is legit? Get a personal recommendation from someone you absolutely trust or Find someone on Google or Yelp with positive reviews.

You should feel very positive at your initial contact with them. You might even feel electricity or excitement upon meeting in person, or even by just hearing their voice. Trust your instinct. If something about them just doesn’t sit right in your gut. Move on.

I recommend having a private reading with the psychic intuitive before booking your spiritual event to make sure they have what it takes, and that you have a rapport with them. *Your session should never feel forced. Open yourself and listen. Be in the moment. Just let the energy flow

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