Cindy Castro 

Cindy is a true psychic, she was able to connect with my auric field in matter of seconds and gave me an accurate reading that actually change my life and the way I related with certain people in many ways. She was also able to see the present energies in my chakras and how do they correlate with my dreams, hopes and immediate projects. Thank you Cindy you are highly recommended! :) ---- Juliano Echeverri

There are a lot of skeptics out there when it comes to these types of services but I believe in them 100% especially after today. Cindy is the real deal! She not only told me where I hold my negative energy but she blew me away when she commented "this is going to sound crazy but I keep seeing a haunted house when you were a little girl"; I got goosebumps and chills and the whole nine yards! This whole week I've been flashing back to my experiences in my old house along with the message that it's time for me to move again. There is no way she could have known that or guessed it. 

Not only was that amazing but I really do feel like a lot of the negative energy I've bottled up has been cleared. If you're looking for the same, I truly recommend her services (I did a chakra balance/aura healing). Thank you Cindy!
-Marie O.

What I also loved about this psychic reading was that I was able to do it in the same room as one of my friends and it was very interesting to see what Cindy had to say not only about me, but about him also. It was amazing how different the psychic readings were and comparing her feedback and intuitions was really bone chilling. 

Great long distant healing experience.. Call Cindy and schedule your appointment asap. She is so helpful with her knowledge and her healing work thru the 7 Chakras are amazing, you will start a brand new life being balanced in all aspects. She is amazing and has a passion to help her clients in blocked energies and heals the area with positive chi energy Need a boost in your life? Call Cindy now...
Christalee F.

I went to Cindy seeking clarity and what i got was more than that. She not only explained in detail what my situation was but gave me description to the T about the person I asked about to the point where i was laughing because it was so accurate! she blew me away and I left feeling peaceful and confident as to what my next step should. I finally have answers that I so desperately needed not the ones i wanted to hear but the truth! Im happy to have gone to see her and will do again in the future.


  1. It works immediately, this was my first Chakra reading and healing and she was on point on every aspect of where my imbalances and blockages were and gave some great advise on how to continue to be on the right path with the healing aligmnents given. I recommend her to anyone who is feeling lost and have been down and out and need a pick me upper. She is truely an angel and her talents, knowledge and her great energy helped me so much. Thank you Cindy this was a great experience and i wish you so much more success with ppl in need of your service. Live, love and laugh often with lots of love Christal

  2. i was impressed by cindy's intuitive abilities...very accurate about so much without me giving her any info during the psychic reading...she is truthful and sincere...is willing to help and is not trying to take advantage of anyone ..cindy shows genuine concern for other people's well being and health...so thanks to cindy for all your help.

  3. I recently went in to have a Chakra Healing and reading by Cindy, and left feeling very enlightened and relieved when I left. I was unsure of what to expect going into this experience, due to it being my first time but was not disappointed. She was able to pick up on personality traits and previous life experiences that you would not be able to infer just from looking at someone. She was able to ease my mind, and give me a sense of validation for many aspects of my life. Reviews really give no justice to her ability, it is truly something you need to experience for yourself.