Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Want to Host a Psychic Party? Here are some Tips

The Best Way to Host a Party w/ a Psychic

So, you’ve decided a theme for your upcoming event and decided to go with a psychic party? All of the guests are excited but you have no clue how you will keep them entertained during the event. Don’t worry because I got your back and I’ll help you plan a party that will leave your guests talking about it for years!

Decide on the Activities
You have unique theme, so now you have to make sure that you're guests are entertained with other activities as they wait to speak with a psychic. Some fun activities can be chair massages, partner yoga, reiki healing, guided meditation, crystal therapy, or having an inspirational speaker could be an interesting way to make your event unique and fulfilling for everyone involved.

Guidelines for a Successful Party
  • Designate a quiet space away from the guests so the person getting the reading can receive personal, confidential messages from the spiritual and angelic realm in private.
  • Advise your guests that readings are individual and about 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Suggest they prepare a few questions of their own to ask during the reading. It will make the session enjoyable and entertaining for them.

Finding Someone Reputable
With so many people claiming to have psychic abilities, choosing the right psychic for your party could be hard.  We’ve all heard the crazy stories of people getting conned by disreputable individuals who pretend to be psychic. How will you know if the person you book is legit? Get a personal recommendation from someone you absolutely trust or Find someone on Google or Yelp with positive reviews.

You should feel very positive at your initial contact with them. You might even feel electricity or excitement upon meeting in person, or even by just hearing their voice. Trust your instinct. If something about them just doesn’t sit right in your gut. Move on.

I recommend having a private reading with the psychic intuitive before booking your spiritual event to make sure they have what it takes, and that you have a rapport with them. *Your session should never feel forced. Open yourself and listen. Be in the moment. Just let the energy flow

Monday, July 3, 2017

Clear Negative Energy from Psychic Attack

What is a Psychic Attack?
In simple terms, a psychic attack is negative energy that someone sends with the intention to inflict harm upon you, your life or your family. It is the assault upon your aura, without your conscious permission, by another person, thing or group. It will leave you feeling open, exposed, vulnerable and sometimes, you will feel a sense of danger and anxiety or panic attacks. Harm can be launched towards your emotional, physical, spiritual or mental state. A psychic attack is used to harm a person by manipulating and controlling them, by sending negative energy toward them. This mental manipulation is done without your knowledge and it can cause physical symptoms similar to an illness as well as depressed mood, anxiety and at times, suicidal thoughts. This negative energy can be in a form of a spirit, an entity, a thought form or dark energy.

What's going on?
From a psychological standpoint, you seem to be anxious and depressed. But from the point of view of Energy Medicine, you could very well be under psychic attack. Yes, consciously or unconsciously, someone may have formed an intention to harm you.
Maybe you have a mother-in-law who hates the fact that you stole away her precious son or daughter. Don't discount the "evil  eye" she gives you whenever she can. Maybe you've got an ex whose negativity towards you is still strong, even years after the break up. Or a "frenemy" who's jealous  because you still fit into the jeans you wore in high school.
Everyone, like it or not, has some darkness within, the infamous "shadow side" that is the storehouse of negative emotions and feelings. When these disturbing emotions are not acknowledged and released, the shadow side can get in the driver's seat. That negative energy can, in fact, cause real problems for someone else.
Symptoms of Negative Energy and Psychic Attack
Extreme Anxiety and Depression: A rational explanation may not be evident to you when you feel frozen by fear. This is a similar feeling to a panic attack, but it can last much longer. Rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, sweating, and nervousness are all symptoms of anxiety, but not being able to leave your home for days due to intense fear is a sign of a psychic attack.
Frightening Dreams: Chase dreams where you're being chased and attacked by either a known or unknown entity. The one thing you know in this dream is that if you let him/it/her catch you, you're dead. So, in these dreams, you are constantly dodging, ducking, running and hiding.
Shaking and Trembling. This reaction usually occurs during or after an attack. The person may or may not realize why s/he's suddenly shaking. From a subconscious level, where the assault is realized, this is a perfectly normal reaction because, whether you knew it or not, your adrenaline is flowing high and fast--the "fight or flight" hormones. A part of you wants to run. Usually, in this type of situation, you don't connect consciously with what is really going on subliminally between you and the psychic assaulter--until later.
Health problems. A specific organ of the body is chosen and energy is sent in, like a sledge hammer, to shut it (and the chakra) down once and for all. Usually, if the person or group mean business (to kill you), they target your heart to create a heart attack. If it doesn't work, and you're getting protection, it may end up as lung congestion, bronchitis, or pneumonia. It can also be any organ in the body. If it was working fine and you suddenly get assaultive pain with it, on and off, for "no reason", then you need to see your doctor. If the doc gives you a bill of good health, then you might be under psychic attack!
Pessimism. If you are normally an optimistic or idealistic person and your thoughts suddenly turn rancidly pessimistic, hopeless, angry, irritated, impatient, then you need to understand that this isn't the 'real' you, but you are reacting to something that you may not consciously realize that is going on. During long term attacks, a person can literally, change personality from an sunny, extrovert person to a moody, morose, depressed, negative individual--but it happens over a number of weeks or months and they really don't see it happening. It is usually brought to their attention by the spouse or family members.
Clear Negative Energy and Protect your Aura
If you believe you are absorbing negative energies or are the recipient of psychic attacks, you should consider asking for the help of an energy healer who is experienced in clearing and cleansing AND Cutting Cords to these negative energies, entities and spirits.

**Please feel free to share in the comments below if you've ever had a psychic attack and what you did to help yourself deal better. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Need Professional Help?
As spiritual energy is not limited by time and space, distant healing becomes possible. Distant healing is especially useful when there are physical or geographic limitations. Distant healing are calming and promote the release of stress. They can also be revitalizing and help speed up recovery times for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.
With Love,