About Me

Spiritual Advisor, Energy Healer, and Intuitive Psychic, Cindy Castro, is a true renaissance woman living in a modern-day world.  Since 2005, she has both studied and developed her innate energetic and psychic abilities, which allow her to perform various transformational experiences for her clients, including chakra and aura healings, channeling sessions and much more.

Cindy works with energy in the body using various methods aimed at helping her clients achieve a positive transformation on the mind-body-soul level. Using her natural intuitive abilities, she performs readings by observing the energies in the chakras and assessing how they correlate to various areas of her client’s life. Cindy will detect which areas are imbalanced, and facilitate ways in which you can open and balance your chakras, heal your energy system, and improve your overall life.

As a Clairvoyant, she is also able to receive intuitive visual and aural messages from several sources, including her client’s personal guides and from those who have passed on. Essentially, Cindy can see images or beings and can hear messages from them as well. She offers a variety of readings that can be modified to tap into whatever issue her clients are seeking to understand or resolve. 

Cindy is available to perform her services in-person, by telephone, or remotely. 

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