Chakra Balancing

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What happens during a Chakra Cleansing?

Chakra Cleansing is done while lying fully-clothed on a massage table, listening to gentle, soothing music. The practitioner gently rests her hands a few inches off the body and starts to connect to your energy field (aura). She may gently rest her hands in a series of positions from the crown of the head to the feet. Each hand position is held for a few minutes, and during this time healing energy will flow into you, balancing your energy system, releasing stress, soothing pain, and promoting your body’s natural ability to heal itself. As the energy flows, most people will feel warmth, heat, or tingling from the practitioner's hands.

Benefits of Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

  • Induces feelings of deep relaxation, calmness, and tranquility.
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Reduces pain and any discomfort.
  • Promotes feelings of clarity, happiness and inner peace.
  • Increases capacity to express and attract love in your life.
  • Helps release of negative behavioral patterns or the inability to create and sustain forward motion in life.
  • Accelerates spiritual growth and development. 
Chakra Healing with Crystals and Stones

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