Friday, August 2, 2013

Private Yoga

1st  Yoga Consultation can touch a broad range of topics including personal practice, concerns regarding diet, sleep, fertility, contentedness, etc. Treatment modalities may include specific yoga postures for healing, Pranayama (breathing exercise) to calm the nervous system, and guided meditations to establish harmony throughout the mind and body. At times, I may suggest other healing modalities to further assist you.

Intro to Yoga is a series of four 60 minute sessions covering the basics: Simple Breathing Exercises, Standing Poses, Forward Bending, Back Bending, Twists, and some Inversions. Specially designed for new students who want to build a strong technical foundation and gain confidence before heading to a yoga studio. 

 Private Yoga sessions are tailored to individual needs. Here you can have the luxury of a class designed especially for yourself, for you and a partner, or friend, or group of friends/colleagues. Private classes for two (or more) are a popular way to share the benefits and costs of individual guidance. 

 Chakra Yoga is a series of classes designed to align the chakras which creates a positive effect on your well being. 

24 Cancellation Policy for all Private Yoga lessons. Full refund if cancellation received with 24 hours, partial payment required thereafter.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Yoga for Chakra Balancing

Yoga is the union of body, mind, and spirit. It is known for its positive effects on health, emotional well-being, mental clarity and happiness. The Chakra System originated within the yoga traditions of India, circa 500 - 1000 AD. Therefore, yoga is an ideally designed practice to not only train your mind and body, but to access your chakras. The word yoga means yoke or union, and one can see how the chakra system represents the structural aspect of that yoke -- the means through which mind and body, mortal and divine, connect. In that way yoga is the prime tool for accessing this sacred architecture of the soul.

Yoga postures are grouped according to the 7 main chakras. They are put in a logical sequence, so that the postures flow together, but more postures are given than one would ordinarily do in a single class and often beginning and more difficult postures are mixed in together. You'll receive a personal practice, custom designed for you. Yoga is a way to stay centered, connected, and calm in the midst of life's chaos.

Offering private yoga sessions in the mornings and in the evenings. Yoga sessions are available at your convenience. Your Home/Office, over-looking the beach, or in a yoga studio.

For more info call (786) 266-2714.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cutting Ties with our Sexual Past throught the 2nd Chakra

Cutting Ties with our Sexual Past…

The 2nd chakra is the center for intimacy, emotions, sexuality, and much more. For now we’re going to focus on our past sexual experiences, the things we were taught about sex, and most importantly what sex means to us… How you feel about sex? Do you believe that you have to be married in order to fully experience sexual liberation? Do you believe sex is dirty? Or on the other hand, do you Love and Enjoy sex? Do you over indulge in sexual union? How do you feel about porn? And, what do you believe is a Healthy sexual life?...

The 2nd Chakra partially revels our sexual history, how we feel towards sex, and holds energetic imprints of our sexual experiences. The energy within the chakra is what creates the chakra… In a healthy chakra, the chakra would be in a circular form and rotates in a clockwise motion. When any chakra is out of balance, the chakra may rotate counter clock wise and its formation may be distorted, while the colors could range from dull to darker shades…

The 2nd chakra is located in the lower abdomen region. For women,the reproductive system is closely connected to the 2nd chakra, this center is also related to the pelvis, hips, groin area, and lower back. Physical Issues related to the 2nd chakra would include any areas mentioned above.

Emotional issues related to the 2nd chakra would be any type of sexual abuse and traumas, and our Needs and Desires as a result of our history. A 2nd chakra that lacks shine, and energy will most likely belong to a person who has the Inability to feel pure joy, excitement, and pleasure towards life. This person may be out of touch with his/her emotions and feelings. This person may feel numb to life… On the other hand, an over active 2nd chakra would easily belong to someone who over indulges in instant gratifications whether it’s having too much sex, drinking too much, and/or having addictions.

Cutting Cords to our Sexual Past Meditation for the 2nd Chakra…

Begin by finding a comfortable seated position either on a chair with a straight back, seated crossed legged, or simply by laying on your back. I like to begin all releasing/healing meditations by calling my Guides, Archangels, and God or Source. The Archangels that will be helping us are Archangels Michael and Raphael. As you send out your personal prayer ask for protection and healing energy to be sent to you and anyone involved. Envision a light surrounding and protecting you at all time during this healing/clearing. Know that you are always protected…

Start by focusing on your breath… Take 3- 5 deep and long Inhales & Exhales, Bring your awareness to your lower abdomen region and visualize a bright Orange ball of energy moving in a Clockwise direction… Continue breathing in this color and as you exhale release and let go of any thoughts, emotions, or feelings that , good or bad. Continue with this visualization for 3-5 minutes…

At this time, if you wish to cut any cords to anyone in the past with whom you have a sexual history with, and wish to clear All negative energies connected to this person. I’ll ask now to envision this person in your mind’s eye, and visualize that there is an energetic cord that connects both of you. With the help of Archangels Michael and Rafael, we cut cords to all Negative experiences connected to this person(s). While you visually cut cords, the angels are behind the scenes helping you with this release… Once all cords are cut, envision that you and the other person are being sent healing energy. Visualize a calming green color covering and healing your aura… Once you feel calm and relaxed you can come out of this mediation by thanking yourself for taking the time to do this healing release, the Angel's, and Source/God, who assisted you in this releasing process.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Balance your Throat Chakra

The 5th Chakra or Vishuddha chakra energy center relates to the vocal cords, the thyroid, and throat... It uncovers how we feel about ourselves through our inner dialogue, how we feel about others by the way we speak to them. The tone of our voice plays a major role in how things are going for us, for example a rushed voice may imply a stressed, anxious, and short on time individual. There's many other factors that I look at when giving phone readings like the way a person expresses themselves, how they use words, etc..

Blocks that are common in this energy center would be: all fears of speaking, difficulty in expressing yourself, and / or talking too much, being blunt, opinionated, yelling, foul language, and the list goes on.... Illness that may present themselves would arise from the throat like excessive sore throats and colds, thyroid problems, tightness in this area, etc.

How to heal and bring balance into this center...
* Be mindful of how you speak of others and how you speak of yourself. I believe this is a good place to begin... Think before you speak, and pay close attention to the Tone of your voice. In my own experiences, I have found that I could change a bad situation into a better one by simply maintaining a smooth and collected voice. I also found that when you smile while you're talking, the voice sounds upbeat = )

* A Simple Meditation to balance the Throat Chakra:
Find a comfortable seated position, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Call your Angels, Guides, or God to help you with this healing. I like to practice a Pranayama (  Sanskrit for Breath Control, or controlling the breath) called Sama Vritti ( means Equal Breath ). Begin by finding a comfortable breathing count like 4 or 6. For ex. You Inhale for 4 or 6 counts & Exhale 4 or 6 counts, continue breathing like this for the next few minutes. Once you feel centered and grounded envision a blue ball of energy within the throat area, start to visualize it rotating in a clockwise position... Now as you inhale think of bringing the color blue to your throat area and Exhale the color black. This can be done in many ways, but I'm keeping it Simple = ), this can also be done to all the chakra's using their corresponding color.

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Thank you and Namaste,
Cindy Castro!/chakrareadings