Need Spiritual Advice? In-Person- Phone Consultations- Miami, Hollywood, and Palm Beach

Phone Readings
Having read for many clients in person as well as by phone, I am confident that psychic readings by phone are just as clear and accurate as psychic readings done in person. Many new clients want to know how a psychic phone reading works. The first key concept is that when we agree to do a psychic reading, we are making an energetic decision to see the past, present and future outcome of a situation. This agreement, or permission on your part, creates a mind to mind and spirit to spirit connection between us which is not limited to the physical plane. 

Love Psychic 
Your relationship with a life-partner, lover, family member, friend, or business associate can be read either with a picture of the individuals involved or in-person. I am able to enter a meditative state and connect to both of you in order to see and understand your unique perspectives or individual agendas in the relationship. A wealth of information can be learned and applied for each person’s benefit and for the good of the relationship itself. This reading is intended to give you the help and guidance you need to find love, happiness, peace, harmony, or prosperity in your relationships. 

Tarot Cards
In a Tarot reading, the cards are shuffled, and then laid out in a ‘spread’ – that is a pattern on a table, where each position represents a particular aspect of life, for instance ‘the recent past’, or ‘current emotions’. I then look at how the meaning of a card corresponds to the position it is in, and tell the client what the spread appears to be saying about their current state of life.

    Chakra Psychic Reading 
I have the ability to sense the shapes, see the colors, and feel the energies surrounding your 7 chakras. Chakra readings provide useful information regarding many different areas in your life. Energies in the chakras correlate to your life –money and job satisfaction, sexual desires and creativity, emotions and control, love and relationships, self-expression, mental attitudes and social programming, and your connection to Source. I can see which of your chakras are healthy and which are blocked, moving too slowly, or otherwise in need of healing or balancing. This helps me understand you at a much deeper level, which makes it possible for me to suggest ways in which you can open and balance your chakras, heal your energy system, and improve your life.

Messages from Angels --- Q and A
 Angel Readings are the easiest way to connect with your Angels! Channeled readings offer you guidance, healing, insight, clearing, grounding and more. If you have specific questions regarding health, finances, career, spiritual path, or any other life situation, I can help you achieve clarity and understanding regarding the issue. As a clairvoyant, I am able to enter a meditative state and intuitively connect with angels and channel information regarding your questions. With their guidance and assistance, I am able to channel information that sheds light on your questions and helps you resolve your problems. Angels are always only a call away and eager to help!