Aura Cleansing

Your aura varies as your thoughts and mood changes.
Surrender your stressed mind and exhausted body. Aura healing restores peace and tranquility. While lying fully clothed on a massaging table, Cindy connects to your energy field (aura) in order to sense, feel, and see the colors in your Aura. She then sends healing energy to your aura to release lower stagnant energies. She uses different healing techniques based on your needs.

Aura healing is also known as spiritual healing, energy healing, or psychic healing. Aura healings are an excellent way to release blocks and unwanted energies, and get your own energy flowing, so you can heal.

Many physical problems have their root cause on an energy level. In other words, physical problems can be a symptom of energetic, emotional, psychic, or spiritual issues. Rather than focusing on the body symptom, spiritual healing can work with problems at their energetic root cause.

Distant Healing/Remote Healing
As spiritual energy is not limited by time and space, distant aura healing becomes possible. Distant healing is especially useful when there are physical or geographic limitations. Distant / Remote healing is calming and promotes the release of stress. They can also be revitalizing and help speed up recovery times for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.